Jeon Somi Biography and Profile: Age, Height, Family, and More

Jeon Somi Biography and Profile – Age, Height, Family and More

Jeon Somi is a talented and charismatic artist who has made a name for herself in the K-pop industry. Her journey from a reality show contestant to a solo artist has been inspiring and motivating for her fans.

With her talent, hard work, and dedication, Jeon Somi is sure to achieve even greater heights in the future.

Jeon Somi Biography

Jeon Somi is a South Korean-Canadian singer, dancer, and model who gained immense popularity after appearing on the reality show Produce 101. She was born on March 9, 2001, in Ontario, Canada, to a Korean mother and a Dutch-Canadian father.

Jeon Somi is a rising K-pop star who has already made a mark in the industry with her talent, beauty, and charm.

Early Life and Career

Jeon Somi spent most of her childhood in Canada before moving to South Korea with her family. She attended the Seoul School of Performing Arts and started pursuing her dream of becoming a K-pop star. 

She gained recognition after appearing on the reality show Produce 101 where she ended up being the center of the group IOI. Her popularity skyrocketed after the show, and she signed a contract with JYP Entertainment.

Debut and Achievements

In 2019, Jeon Somi embarked on her solo career with the release of her single "Birthday". The song was a massive hit and charted on various music charts in South Korea. 

She has since released other singles such as "What You Waiting For" and "Dumb Dumb". Jeon Somi has also appeared in various TV shows and commercials, cementing her position as one of the rising stars in the K-pop industry.

Personal Life

Jeon Somi is known for her cheerful and outgoing personality. She is fluent in English and Korean, which has helped her communicate with her international fans. 

She has a strong social media presence and often shares updates about her life and career with her fans. Jeon Somi is also a fashion icon and has modeled for various brands.

Jeon Somi Profile

Stage Name, Jeon Somi (전소미)
Birth Name, Ennik Somi Douma/Jeon Somi (전소미)
Birthdate, March 9, 2001
Zodiac Sign, Pisces
Birthplace, Ontario, Canada
Nationality, Canadian/Dutch/Korean
Height, 172 cm (5’8”)
Weight, 46.6 kg (102 lbs)
Blood Type, O
Religion, Christian
Father, Matthew Douma
Mother, Jeon Sun-hee
Younger Sister, Evelyn Douma
Instagram, somsomi0309
Twitter, somi_official_
Facebook, SOMI (전소미)
YouTube, JEON SOMI (전소미)
Tik Tok, somi_official_