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Alexandra Daddario Age, Boyfriend, Height, Movies etc.

For fans of American movies and TV series, the name Alexandra Daddario is certainly familiar. 

Alexandra Daddario is an American-born actress who was born on March 16, 1986.

Alexandra Daddario Age 36 (2022), Alexandra Daddario height is 173 cm.

The acting skills she has had since she was a teenager have made her always trusted to be paired with famous actors.

Movies that Alexandra Daddario has starred in include White Lotus, Night Hunter, San Andreas, Baywatch and many more.

Having Italian, Czech, English, Irish, Hungarian blood, Alexandra Daddario's face is very charming with her blue eyes.

Alexandra Daddario is the eldest of three children where her younger brother Matthew Daddario is now also involved in the world of acting.

Here are the facts and biography of Alexandra Daddario:

Career Journey

Alexandra has wanted to be an actress since she was a little girl. She got her first acting opportunity when she was 16 years old, as Laurie Lewis in the TV series All My Children.

Not Born into a Family of Artists

Although Alexandra Daddario was not born into a family of artists because her parents are famous lawyers in the United States and her grandfather is a politician from the Democratic Party camp, she and her brother still have full support to pursue the world of acting.

Loves Music

Not only good at acting, Alexandra Daddario also loves music. One of her favorite genres of music is country music.


Alexandra Daddario has many fans. According to many of her fans, Alexandra is a friendly person.


Alexandra Daddario is known to be married to a movie producer named Andrew Form. 

The two got married at a Preservation Hall, in New Orleans. The wedding was held in mid-June 2022.

This couple has a considerable age difference. Alexandra is 36 years old, while Andrew is 53 years old. The actress with the beautiful eyes was born in 1986, while her husband was born in 1969.

Alexandra Daddario Biography:

Full Name: Alexandra Anna Daddario
Stage Name: Alexandra Daddario
Nickname: Alex
Place, Date Of Birth: New York, United States, March 16, 1986
Profession: Actress
Nationality: United States
Education: Marymount Manhattan College
Father: Richard C. Daddario
Mother: Christina Daddario
Siblings: Catharine Daddario, Matthew Daddario
Height: 173 cm
Zodiac: Pisces