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Black Adam: Release Date, Cast, Film/Movie and Full Review

Diarypopuler - Black Adam is one of the most talked about films of 2022.

Black Adam release date October 21, 2022 (US).

Black Adam Film Starring Dwayne Johnson and Sarah Shahi, was produced by DC Films, New Line Cinema, Seven Bucks Productions, and FlynnPictureCo, and distributed by Warner Bros Pictures. 

Black Adam DC is directed by Jaume Collet Serra and produced by Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, Beau Flynn.

Here is the list of Black Adam Cast:

1. Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
2. Aldis Hodge as Hawkman
3. Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher
4. Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone
5. Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate
6. Sarah Shahi as Adrianna Tomaz
7. Marwan Kenzari as Sabbac
8. Mohammed Amer as Karim
9. Bodhi Sabongui as Amon Tomaz
10. Jennifer Holland 
11. Viola Davis 
12. Mike Senior 
13.  Angel Rosario Jr
14. Jalon Christian
15. Natalie Burn
16. Joseph Gatt
17. Stephen Jones
18. Odelya Halevi
19. Uli Latukefu
20. Djimon Hounsou
21. James Cusati Moyer
22. Rahiem Riley
23. Henry Winkler
24. Derek Russo
25. Christopher Matthew Cook
26. Tang Nguyen
27. Patrick Sabongui
28. Chaim Girafi
29. Cameron Moir
30. Tre Ryan
31. Shiquita James
32. Donny Carrington
33. Sharon Gee
34. Henry Cavill

Full Review Black Adam Movie:

In 2600 BC there was a kingdom called Kahndaq led by king Ahk-Ton.

King Ahk-Ton enslaved all his subjects in search of ethernium, as the main ingredient for creating Sabbac crown which is known to give great power to the wearer.

One day one of the slaves managed to get an ethernium stone but when he asked for a reward he was killed by the royal soldiers, the incident was witnessed by a boy who felt that the actions of the king and his soldiers had gone too far. So he invited all the slaves to revolt.

As a result of that incident the king finally sentenced the child to the death penalty, miraculously when the punishment process was taking place the boy suddenly disappeared.

Unexpectedly he turned out to have been chosen by the Great mage as the Champion to gain super strength, with that power the boy managed to take revenge by killing the king of Ahk-Ton and all his soldiers.

Turned to the present-day Kahndaq region which is being oppressed by a group called the intergang. One night an archaeologist named Adrianna Tomaz was seen entering the Kahndaq area with her colleagues, Karim Samir and Ismail.

They plan to seek Sabbac crown. Arriving at the location of the Kahndaq mountains, Adriana and her colleagues immediately went into action, while Karim was on duty waiting outside, as soon as they entered Karim was surprised to see Samir suddenly fall in front of him.

Apparently it was the work of the intergang who came to ambush them. Meanwhile inside Adriana and Ismail found a grave with a spell written on it, after which he moved deeper until he finally managed to find the crown of the sabbac.

Unfortunately at that moment the intergang finally came in, dragged Karim and also arrested Ismail.

A panicked Adriana took the initiative to cast a spell on the grave that she had previously found because she believed it was the grave of someone she believed to be Champion Kahndaq (the boy at the beginning of the film).

After resurrecting the Champion he immediately slaughtered all the intergang there. Adam was so out of control that Ishmael also became a victim because he was hit by a mountain ruin.

Adriana and Karim, who are still alive, try to escape as soon as possible because they too had managed to find the Sabbac crown they were looking for.

Adam was again ambushed by the intergang with far more numbers.

He was shot continuously, but all the bullets were unable to penetrate his burly body, regardless, Adam immediately slaughtered them all.

He doesn't care how many lives are sacrificed just to satisfy his battle.

There is one thing that can injure Adam's body, namely an ethernium-based weapon. After getting wounds on his body, Adam chose to run away from the location.

At the same time, we are also shown that Ismail is still alive and he is part of the intergang.

At Hawkman residence at that time he received orders from Amanda Waller to arrest Adam along with the GSA or Justice Society of America, where the group housed several superheroes ranging from Doctor Fate, Cyclon and Atom Smasher.

Not long after, Adam finally realized that at that time he was accompanied by his son Adriana, named Amon, seeing Kahndaq condition which currently made Adam confused about what had happened.

Amon explains that Adam has been buried for thousands of years and he managed to get free after Adriana cast a spell over his grave.

Adam is known to be very brutal, he doesn't care if he has to destroy objects or kill anyone who makes him angry.

Because Adam has extraordinary strength, Adriana and Amon also believe that Adam is someone who can help Kahndaq, free from intergang.

Hearing this, the free-spirited Adam refused to help them. Because he feels that he is not a superhero.

After that Adam went to a statue that looked like himself, when Ammon tried to chase Adam he stole a communication radio belonging to an intergang to announce that they had a new ruler. It also makes Amon captured by the intergang troops.

Adriana then came to try to free her son but he was also arrested, that's when Adam finally came to free them one by one, the intergang troops were mercilessly slaughtered.

Then when Adam was about to take down two members of the intergang, hawkman and his friends finally arrived, hawkman immediately saved the intergang who were about to be killed by Adam.

Hawkman and doctor fate then asked Adam to turn himself in because they saw Adam as a threat to Kahndaq.

His uncontrolled emotions make Adam always solve problems with murder and his actions are very contrary to the principles of the JSA.

Adam finally had to deal with JSA members, from Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Cyclone to Atom Smasher.

Even so, Adam was still strong enough to face them all alone seeing that the Kahndaq people were very enthusiastic because they had finally found a superhero who was truly able to protect them. 

Even the JSA, who claimed to be an enforcer of justice, felt that it was still not enough to contribute to the Kahndaq community, after that Adam went to the Kahndaq mountains.

Doctor Fate and Hawkman then went to Adriana to ask where the Sabbac crown he found. Because the crown was very dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands later, the crown was not in Adriana hands because it was brought by Amon.

The story then changes to show what happened
in the past when adam used his power to slaughter the king of Ahk-Ton and also his entire army.

Adam actions finally made the Great God angry because he had used his power to kill many people.

So Adam was not buried but locked up by the Great God as a result of his actions and now Adriana has freed Adam from the prison that was had locked him up for thousands of years.

Maybe this is the reason why the JSA is so eager to arrest Adam because they are afraid that the wars and chaos that happened in the past will repeat itself.

When he got home, Amon was so surprised to see Ismail already at his house and pointed a gun at him.

Ismail knew that Sabbac crown was in the hands of Amon, so he ordered Ammon to hand it over immediately. In order to protect Ammon and the crown, Karim ordered Amon to leave immediately and instead he was shot by Ismail.

Amon then contacted his mother and told her that he was hiding because he was being chased by intergang. Adriana who heard this and asked Adam for help to save her son, unfortunately Adam was late because Amon had been captured by Ismail and taken away to a place, because of that JSA also joined help Adam in finding Amon.

They dismantled the intergang troop vehicles one by one but they never found Amon, while at the same time doctor fate went to save Karim who was injured by Ismail shot.

Adam continued to chase one of the intergang troops all the way to China, unfortunately he was misled because the troops did not bring Amon.

All of them gathered back at Adriana's house, Hawkman then came with two intergang members for interrogation.

Adam then took the two intergang members into the sky and threatened to knock them down if they didn't tell him where Amon was.

Even though Adam's actions were very dangerous, in the end they managed to get information that Ismail had brought Amon to Intergang headquarters in the middle of the desert.

In that situation, Hawkman once again expressed his frustration at Adam's actions, which were judged to always be act at will.

In the midst of the fight, Adam suddenly finds Sabbac's crown hidden in Amon's cupboard.

When examined, Sabbac crown reads that life is the only way to death. They were all confused What was the meaning of that sentence. What is certain is that Adriana insists that they must do whatever it takes to save her son.

Long story short they finally arrived at the intergang headquarters. Arriving there Ismail immediately ordered them, to hand over the crown of Sabbac, if they wanted Amon life to be saved.

Hearing this, Adriana was finally forced to hand over the crown of Sabbac to Ismail, and that of course made adam angry.

As a result of Adam anger causing chaos so that all JSA members must work together to save Adriana and Amon.

As a result of that incident they managed to save Amon and reclaim the crown of Sabbac and of course they also managed to kill Ismail.

After that Adam and Hawkman met again on the throne of King Ahk-Ton, that's where Adam was finally honest. That in fact the person chosen by the Great God as Shazam was his son named Hurut. Namely the boy we see at the beginning of the film after King Ahk-Ton finds out that Hurut has extraordinary powers.

Now Adam also admits that he is a threat to humans, so he is willing to release his power by chanting the shazam spell. In anticipation that Adam could no longer use his powers, the JSA took him to an underwater military facility to be imprisoned.

After handing over Adam Hawkman and the others returned to Kahndaq. On the way to Kahndaq doctor fate suddenly got a vision of a bad future, he saw in the future that they would face a war that would take Hawkman life.

This of course made doctor fate confused, because Adam, who was considered a threat, had now been imprisoned.

Then who will start the war, it turns out that when the cyclon looks back at the sabbac crown, he realizes that the sentence they read earlier turned out to be reversed, where the crown actually reads death is the only way to life.

From this we can also know that Ismail was deliberately provoked Adam anger so that he was killed.

After that he was reborn thanks to the power of the devil and got the power of the crown of Sabbac.

And sure enough, Ismail was reborn into the world in the form of a sabbac with the power of hellfire. He also fought the JSA members as a form of revenge.

Now all the members of the JSA regret their decision to imprison Adam because in fact they are all too overwhelmed to face the sabbac.

After that Sabbac rushed to the palace to sit on his throne. When the JSA members were about to enter their palace, they were suddenly blocked by the protective magic installed by doctor fate, it turned out that this was the only way for doctor fate if he wanted to change the fate of hawkman.

He is willing to sacrifice himself to face Sabbac alone, in the palace doctor Fate uses his powers to hinder Sabbac.

He also tried to contact Adam in the hope that he might be able to receive the message, unexpectedly Adam managed to wake up from prison and tried to rise to the surface.

Right when doctor fate was defeated and killed by Sabbac. Adam also managed to get up by chanting the shazam spell and get his strength back.

It wasn't long before the sabbac finally managed to sit on his throne and he was able to gain much greater power.

After that Sabbac raised the demons to help him defeat all humans, seeing all that Adriana and Karim tried to face the demons.

While Amon convinced all the citizens to help them, Adam finally arrived at the Sabbac kingdom he immediately saved the citizens and faced with Sabbac, the duel between the two finally happened. Adam at that time was in a desperate situation but he also got help from hawkman.

Thanks to their cooperation Adam finally managed to split Sabbac's body into two parts and destroy it.

Adam and Hawkman victory made it all Kahndaq residents cheered happily because they were finally free from Sabbac as well as the intergangs.

Adam was then crowned as protector and ruler of Kahndaq and he changed his name to Black Adam and the film were finally finished.